Mutton Birds and Oil for Sale
Aboriginal people still harvest the mutton
birds. Our catch and sales are dependent
on the sustainability of the harvest. Mutton
birds are a delicacy to eat, with a rich oily
flavour unlike any other. For more
information on Mutton birds and to order
please click here.

Mutton bird oil is rich in Omega-3 fatty
acids ( 24.9% of total fatty acids ). The
amounts are such that 1g of oil per day
taken would at least double the normal
daily intake. For more information on the
benefits and uses of Muttonbird Oil please
click here.

Muttonbird oil is still available at $50 per litre
Postage is currently $15.50 for 1-3 litres, more for 4-5 litres.

New season 2014 mutton birds now available in limited supply.


Drums of 30 A grades $300;
drums of 50 extra large $600;
drums of 25 of biggest birds $325;
Skun birds available are last seasons stock

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Contact Yolla Products:

Telephone 0429 310 116

e-mail sales@muttonbird.net.au
Post 15 Knox St Prospect
Tasmania 7250

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